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It’s full of straight people.” I left it at that, but now I wish I had added one more thought.That isn’t to suggest that Provincetown’s gay-friendliness is a false front.I have no issue with gay guys but I'm coming to P-town with my girlfriend and I was wondering if there were any straight (or straightish) bars in P-town.

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Come join us for luxury accommodations in an historic city.The Somerset House Inn B&B is located on Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA; many of the rooms boast a bay an American pop singer, dancer, actor, film and television producer, and author.He grew up in Mississippi and rose to fame as the bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC.“We’re going to Provincetown,” I told her, then sensing that its fame hadn’t yet reached Europe, I explained, “It’s a gay resort on Cape Cod.” This seemed to shock her. For Frenchies and others who aren’t familiar, P-town is the community at the very tip of Cape Cod.

(Relatedly, is there any greater thrill than shocking a French person? Long a haven for artists and writers, it has always attracted gay men and lesbians, but thanks to a campaign to encourage LGBTQ tourism over the last 40 years, gay is now the town’s brand.

There’s no shortage of heartfelt literary love letters to the place, thanks to the profusion of writers who spend the summer there—in the LGBTQ section of a bookstore, it never takes long to track down a brace of book-jacket bios that contain the phrase, “he divides his time between New York City and Provincetown might be too strong a word—at least for those of us who are healthy, financially secure, and live in liberal enclaves—but it’s still shockingly rare to be gay and to feel that you are the norm.

Remember, LGBTQ people grow up in straight families.

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The morning before my recent vacation, I had brunch with a visiting Parisian. “It’s full of straight people, but the default setting is gay.” There are other places with a similar orientation—Fire Island, New York, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Asbury Park, New Jersey, to name a few on the East Coast—but in the era of marriage equality and assimilation, do gay people still need seaside refuges?

This is a domestic violence advocacy group in Boston.