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1.3.7 (10/9/2011): Installer Version 1.3.7 Add Quick die buttons Fix crash when customizing custom feats Fix prereq field on feats Fix zombie and skeleton XP change Fix resolute template Fix drag in text field crash Add races to rules 1.3.6 (8/20/2011): Installer Version 1.3.6 Fix initiative links crash Restore missing clear and mini buttons Fix reversed fields in feats editor Fix custom feats filter 1.3.5 (8/19/2011): Installer Version 1.3.5 More customizable Combat tab Add custom feats Add feats, spells and weapons from Ultimate Combat Add tracking for temporary hp and non-lethal damage Hyperlinks in treasure generator Treasure generator display cleanup Hero Lab companion and special ability import improvements Extend 3d6 initiative roll option to all d20 rolls Fix items missing lists in details 1.3.4 (8/5/2011): Installer Version 1.3.4 Add ability to create bonues for custom spells Fix treasure generator crash with custom spells Add Import/Export of monsters and spells from DB Fix filtering of custom spells Improve look of die rolls Roll indentical attacks for multiple selected monsters Scroll die roller to end when rolling Add reroll buttons to rolls Fix some PCGen attack parsing issues Add missing effect field on spells 1.3.3 (7/18/2011): Installer Version 1.3.3 Fix Monster Editor crash on some systems Fix crash when customizing custom spells 1.3.2 (7/15/2011): Installer Version 1.3.2 Custom Spells Drag and drop characters on player and monster lists Drag and drop files onto player and monster lists Add Ultimate Magic feats and missing APG feats Add Idle and Hidden states for characters Add links and coloring to initiative list Remember recent die rolls Fix condition crash Minor monster editor improvements Extend tooltip display time Fix BAB adjustments in stats block Fix monster CMB/CMD parsing and updating Improve Spell Like Abilities parsing performance Avoid crashes on invalid die entry 1.3.1 (6/29/2011): Installer Version 1.3.1 Add Dice Roller Add Attack, Skill, Save Rolls Show links/tips on spells for Hero Lab Characters Show links for Spell-Like Abilities Update Monsters Fix monster spell information Fix senses editing in monster editor Fix crash loading incorporeal creatures Add crash log Files 1.3.0 (6/20/2011): Installer Version 1.3.0 Add Custom Monster DB Add spell links and tooltips for monster spells known and prepared Tooltips for monster feats Fix loading and saving state on some systems Fix some Hero Lab import issues Added Magus levels to spells from PG and APG Save and restore window location Add subschool and descriptor to spell text 1.2.9 (6/15/2011): Installer Version 1.2.9 Add single column view for combat pane Add double column view for character stats Remember window Size Fix Armor adjustment in monster editor Add notes popup to characters.

Apply Weapon Finesse changes automatically Scroll to current player in Initiative Window Show delaying and readying icons in Initiative Window Add Magic Item Rules PCGen import improvements 1.2.8 (6/3/2011): Installer Version 1.2.8 Add mini character display option Fix Monster Editor Space/Reach crash Monster editor tab order improvements Fix reversed SR/Immune fields Fix Monster Editor XP changes Add defensive abilities field Add deflection bonus to touch AC 1.2.7 (5/30/2011): Installer Version 1.2.7 Fix blank monster crash Fix Special Ability adding for some monsters 1.2.6 (5/30/2011): Installer Version 1.2.6 Add Monster Editor Add initiative window for players Add ability to roll iniative for individual characters Add more rules info, reorganize some rules Add Ultimate Magic spells Add APG Magic Items to treasure generator Add APG and Ultimate Magic spells to treasure generator Fix character removal crash Remove initiative list linked iniative scrollbar Reduce mundane item generation in treasure generator Fix prices for magic weapon and armor special abilities Fix display of a number of feats Add Entropic and Resolute templates Add initiative reset button Add 3d6 Initiative setting UI design updates 1.2.5 (5/4/2011): Installer Version 1.2.5 Make custom condition UI easier to understand Add augment summoning checkbox to advancer Add between CR filter to monster view Add extra options to condition context menu Thrown weapons listed under melee weapons and ranged weapons in attacks editor Dodge and Defelction bonuses adjust CMD Fix PCGen perception import crash Fix Herolab null stat imports and improve defensive abilities imports Fix feat name issues Fix feat removing crash Fix CR Adjustments when decreasing to CR 1 Correct spell levels in a small number of spells 1.2.4 (4/19/2011): Installer Version 1.2.4 Save combat state frequently during combat (next/prev turns, adding characters) Add load/save combat state menu items Fix initiative sorting on reload Add print buttons to library pages NPC DB Update imported Improve UI selection of monster for monster view Update more correctly when conditions are added or removed 1.2.3 (4/12/2011): Installer Version 1.2.3 Save combat state on application exit Show last 5 conditions used in conditions menu (other than favorites) Fix AC and CMD bugs for blank characters Add CL filter for Magic Items Minor Hero Lab import fixes 1.2.2 (4/7/2011): Installer Version 1.2.2 Save custom conditions added by user Allow bonuses on custom conditions Add list of "favorite" conditions to context menu, allow user editing of list Cause blank characters to function the same as DB/Imported characters Fix crash when adjusting dexterity on some characters Fix minor settings bug 1.2.1 (3/31/2011): Installer Version 1.2.1 Add bonuses for all basic conditions Add spell school filter, spell school links Add magic section to rules Fix wondrous item generation Add Race/Class line to monster display Fix some herolab companion imports Fix herolab feat, defensive abilities, spell-like ability, senses, and special ability imports Ensure monster display in combat view is updated after adding/removing condition Fix some focus issues with monster display in combat page 1.2.0 (3/21/2011): Installer Version 1.2.0 Fix crash in Damage/Heal dialog Fix initiative list sorting Add stat changes for some spell conditions Add individual item generation 1.1.9 (3/17/2011): Installer Version 1.1.9 Fix crashes in conditions and NPCs 1.1.8 (3/16/2011): Installer Version 1.1.8 Add NPC DB Add Classes to rules Add HP Damage/Heal dialog Add feat change dialog Improve layout of treasure generator content when copied/pasted Fix crash on load bug on certain systems 1.1.7 (3/10/2011): Installer Version 1.1.7 Random Treasure Generator Multi-select of characters Automatic conditions for characters at 0 or less HP (dying, dead, etc.) Undo and Redo on combat page Fix sorting combat list bug that forces 2 clicks. 1.1.6 (2/23/2011): Installer Version 1.1.6 Add skills to rules tab Add natural attacks editor to attacks editor Save initiative links with file Settings dialog with confirmations for some actions Clear button for monsters list Add health coloring to grouped characters Fix mouse interaction on initiative list Combat list scrolls current player into view if needed Use same file extension for party and encounter to allow files to be loaded to either window Fix source for conditions in rules list 1.1.5 (2/19/2011): Installer Version 1.1.5 Add rules tab with combat rules, combat maneuvers, conditions, creature types, and universal monster rules Add magic items tab 1.1.4 (2/16/2011): Installer Version 1.1.4 Simple readying and delaying icons in context menu on initiative list Fix affliction tooltip spell display bug Fix monster display selection bug Spell roman numerals sort in spells Fix text for some monsters 1.1.3 (2/14/2011): Installer Version 1.1.3 Added ability to group monsters Added level filter for spells view Allow monster and player entries to switch lists View stat blocks for imported players and monsters in player list Fixed some bugs for Windows classic theme Fixed double click on list scroll bars 1.1.2 (1/28/2011): Installer Version 1.1.2 Fix Charisma import from PCGen files Allow Drag and Drop in initiative list Added missing Paladin spell item 1.1.1 (1/26/2011): Installer Version 1.1.1 Added Bestiary 2 monsters to DB Import character stats from PCGen files Import minions in Hero Lab files 1.1.0 (1/15/2011): Installer Version 1.1.0 Hyperlink monster feats to feats page Add CR estimator Change condition timers to operate on the turn on which they are created.

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or Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Combat Manager for i Pad Now Available Combat Manager for Android Now Available Initiative and Combat Management for Pathfinder with searchable Monsters, Feats, Spells and Rules database, Monster Advancer and Treasure Generator. NET Framework 4.0 Download from Microsoft Website Join the Combat Manager Discussion on the Paizo Forums 1.6.3 (1/2/2017): Installer Version 1.6.3 Fix ability scores issue Fix missing non-mythic feats 1.6.2 (12/25/2016): Installer Version 1.6.2 Data update Fix notes crash on combat list 1.6.1 (4/21/2015): Installer Version 1.6.1 Combine initiative and regular Monster context menu Additional Hero Lab import fixes New templates: Juju Zombie, Void Zombie, Ogrekin Act Now option on characters 1.6.0 (11/30/2014): Installer Version 1.6.0 Fix initiative window crash Add setting to prevent update check Parse and display dual initiative Added additional fields to monster editor Fix Hero Lab import issues with new versions of Hero Lab Data update 1.5.9 (6/28/2014): Installer Version 1.5.9 Installer fix 1.5.8 (6/28/2014): Installer Version 1.5.8 Fix display of names on Initiative Window Add setting to allow monsters to be added hidden Add spell formatting Remove 256x256 icon to keep XP from crashing Stats panel begins open option Add ability and combat maneuver rolls Resize conditions on initiative window Add conditions to initiative list and active player display Fix initiative links when loading combat state 1.5.7 (5/12/2014): Installer Version 1.5.7 Optionally display conditions on initiative window Data update Spell subschool and descriptor filters More herolab import fixes 1.5.6 (4/8/2014): Installer Version 1.5.6 Add interface for tracking resources "plus" damage rolled on attacks class and environment monster filter Hide names of follower monsters on combat list Removing a hotkey does not require restarting app Fix Hero Lab import of names on NPCs with a description Fix temp hp math 1.5.5 (1/12/2014): Installer Version 1.5.5 Fix issue with installer not installing zip dll 1.5.4 (1/12/2014): Installer Version 1.5.4 Fix issue with custom monsters being listed as Mythic Fix problem with hidden character names appearing on Init window Allow alternate die rolls other than 3d6 Minor rules db additions Export dialog sorts properly and has a filter Fix die roll parsing for multiple HD type monsters.

Add ability to reroll all initiaitve without changing round Fix natual attack editor crash 1.5.3 (11/2/2013): Installer Version 1.5.3 Reduce memory load and improve startup performance Treasure, Monster, and Spells update Various bug fixes 1.5.2 (9/7/2013): Installer Version 1.5.2 Large CR XP display fix CMD not updating properly AC Mod text fix HD Update fix Show Other Gear Prevent Monster-Type related Advancer crashes Don't begin drag & drop on Text Boxes 1.5.1 (7/6/2013): Installer Version 1.5.1 Fix crash for very large (44 ) CR encounters Embiggen next turn button Spell block parsing fixes Monster/NPC Update 1.5.0 (5/9/2013): Installer Version 1.5.0 Fix installer missing Zip DLL Cleanup Monster type list Cleanup Spell School list fix 1.4.9 (5/5/2013): Installer Version 1.4.9 Illegal Hotkey crash fix Spell block [] crash fix Monster, NPC and Spells update 1.4.8 (5/3/2013): Installer Version 1.4.8 Add simple user configurable Hot Keys for die rolls Check for updates on startup Fix name, Space, Reach in HL imports Improve attack string parsing (thanks to Jacob Proffitt) 1.4.7 (1/22/2013): Installer Version 1.4.7 Fix zip DLL problems (again) Fix Hero Lab Saves imports for some files NPC DB Update 1.4.6 (1/22/2013): Installer Version 1.4.6 Fix duplicate spells Fix Hero Lab "Speed" property loading Resolve update issue with zip dll 1.4.5 (1/13/2012): Installer Version 1.4.5 Add Ultimate Combat Classes to rules Add Featured Races to rules Restore spell mods Restore afflictions 1.4.4 (11/10/2012): Installer Version 1.4.4 Support for Hero Lab 4.1 files DB Update/Cleanup 1.4.3 (9/7/2012): Installer Version 1.4.3 Fix special ability loading issue from 1.4.2 Die roller graphic update 1.4.2 (9/1/2012): Installer Version 1.4.2 Use two hands on one-handed weapon Improve click-selection in monster/player lists DB cleanup for NPCs and Monsters Update Spells and Magic Items 1.4.1 (6/13/2012): Installer Version 1.4.1 Remember type filter options for monster DB views Fix attacks editor crash Improve move to monster/party performance Fix extra spaces in attacks parsing issue (Kraken Tentacles) Monster updates 1.4.0 (2/29/2012): Installer Version 1.4.0 Fix condition doubling with Monster Editor Fix green arrow position when loading groups Fix cleverly added Die Roller bug 1.3.9 (2/20/2012): Installer Version 1.3.9 Fix SQL Lite related crash on startup 1.3.8 (2/19/2012): Installer Version 1.3.8 Reduce load time some Reduce memory overhead Natural weapons count for Weapon Finesse Increase Treasure Generator maximums in UI Fix move up/down character in initiative selection Export custom conditions Add Bestiary 3, replace some old monsters with B3 revsion.

Try booting into Safe mode perhaps you can stop the update from there?

Computer Type Laptop System Manufacturer/Model Number Asus G75VW / Z97 Pro OS Windows 8.1 Pro MC CPU Intel Core i7-3610QM / I7-4790K Motherboard Z97 Pro Memory 16 GB Hyundai HTM315156CFR8C-PB PC3-12800 Graphics Card n VIDIA Ge Force GTX 670M (GF114M) Sound Card VIA Screen Resolution 1080 You should boot first in "Safe Mode" to see if your PC continues to give you those issues, if it stops you maybe have one of these issues: - Maybe they're too many services/apps running at the same time (probably on startup).

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