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I was at Northwestern and pursuing acting and happened to go with a friend to the Cue Club and see this band Bumpus. It was like a light bulb went off and it was like, “I have to be up there with them doing something somehow.” And it was very immediate.

And it was the first time I’d seen peers, people my own age, up there playing music. I didn’t care if it was playing tambourine or what. Their energy was infectious and the chemistry on stage was magnetic. I officially did join that band by almost stalking them.

I don’t remember much about the trip save for the feeling of lying stretched out in the back seat with my brother and those songs playing over and over again.

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, his latest batch of Great American Songbook standards, as being thematically interconnected.“One is the sequel to the other, and each one resolves the previous one,” he explained, enigmatically.Occasionally, a more jocular standard like “How Deep Is The Ocean” or “These Foolish Things” lightens the mood.But the overall impression is not so much of a narrative progression between the individual discs, as the photocopy suggested by the title, each disc re-stating and reaffirming the same themes."), and in the title track employs an extended metaphor about the painful memories accumulated in an elephantine memory: "How dare you send me that card? You are forcing me to remember, when all I want is to forget you".

The second disc offers a more astringent view, from her ruthless attitude towards her "Sidedish Friend" and the old flame fallen on hard times in "Accident", to the bitter warning that brings things to a close, "Don't fuck me in front of me".

Expect heart-on-your-sleeve indie adult alternative from the American artists.

Her latest is Tightrope Walker, out in September 2016.

But it’s hard to spot any such linearity between the individual sets: the treatments are similar throughout – a creamy blend of pedal steel and restrained guitar interplay, augmented occasionally by horn arrangements – and the themes are likewise sustained across the 30 songs.

On many, Dylan is the victim, a fool for love hiding his heartbreak behind a facade of indifference or, as the “boulevardier” of “When The World Was Young”, a mask of nonchalant gaiety.

CENTURY CITY, CA - MAY 22: Actress Mandy Moore attends the Annenberg Space for Photography Opening Celebration for 'Country, Portraits of an American Sound' at the Annenberg Space for Photography on May 22, 2014 in Century City, California.