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On Saturday, December 5th, 2015 Gosu streamed with a microphone for the first time ever.Yes there is there is always a chance that someone is scripting but these clips have explained a lot.You can meet 56 female members right now within 10 miles of Meet beautiful women looking to hook up and get laid instantly! We currently have more registered female members than male members on Hislut.

After some dating and Facebook texting (and sometimes flat-out explaining that he wants to film them naked and/or have sex), John gets a chick to go back to his hotel where he fucks her.

These sex scenes are his "conquests." The "trophies" is an index of the babes he managed to bed.

Typical positions are employed like missionary, doggy, cowgirl and the regulars.

Obviously, ASD's main protagonist travels across Asia and meets girls like gold-diggers on husband watch, freelancers, bargirls and genuine street hookers.

I tried various automatic services, such as Dropbox’s automated Camera Upload feature and I also tried Everpix before they shut down and then moved to Loom, but then were acquired by Dropbox.

I think it's time we stop ragging on Gosu till Rito gives as answers on Gosu.

Nevertheless, since it took me a little while to work out, maybe someone else searching for the same issue will benefit from it.

If you’re short on time the Exif Tool command that helped me is right at the end – skip down there and copy and paste.

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In order to share my life's passion with you as I travel, I fuck and film every Asian babe I can along the way. He's a tourist who chronicles his adventures across the Eastern continent.

For anyone else who can’t sleep, it might be useful, but I won’t be offended if you skip reading this.