Self monitoring and dating relationships

During the 1970s when the self-monitoring concept was introduced it became part of two larger ongoing debates.Within personality research there was the tension between traits and situations.

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And as the relationship develops and grows, the influence changes their own mindet and character.It seems that couples begin to develop something common in between them.They tend to project a particular image of themselves in order to fit in or impress others.High self-monitors readily adjust their behavior to the situation at hand.Most people self-monitor to some degree, falling somewhere in a wide spectrum — from high monitoring to almost zero monitoring — which is strongly tied to other personality traits.

Those who monitor themselves in a highly meticulous manner are considered high self-monitors.

High self-monitors easily blend into social situations, knowing what to do or say with each person.

They appear more friendly and less anxious to observers, and are sensitive to social cues are likely to vary their behavior from situation to situation.

According to what many psychologists observed, here ...

is a personality characteristic that makes an individual pay closer attention to a social situation so that they can change their behaviors to fit that situation.

The problem seems to be that they can't turn the self-monitoring off.