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they wonder why teenage pregnancy is rising in the rhindda its because theres fuck all for youngsters to do so they get pissed and nx thing they know its "mam,im preganant" they want 2do things that will entertain youngests of all ages! It's kinda like a river, where we all go to get stoned, or bunk off MR MORRIS' or maybe MR EVANS' lesson- but never MRS BURNS or MRS ROULSTEN JONES- eeeek, it's cool. A favourate spot for stupid, foul-mouthed, pizza-faced youths who are unimportant (have nothing important to do and nowhere important to go). hook uo spots in my day were outside the old peoples centre "the Bench" by the Garage in Penygraig and i am so old that i can even remember when car slapping in Pandy was possible b4 they shut it all off!!! all i can say is thank god i looked older than i did and graduated from it all by the age of 15!

A petrosomatoglyph is a supposed image of parts of a human or animal body in rock.

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Some are regarded as artefacts linked to saints or culture heroes.

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