Sitemappath not updating

NET navigation controls is the lack of dynamic updating. NET pages to your web.sitemap so that your navigation menu (which is using ASP.

You may need to fetch the SPSite object that is passed into the constructor from within an elevated privileges block to ensure the current user is allowed to perform this action.

Obviously that depends on expected audience for this action.

Follow the steps below: 1.) Download the sample website project here: website project does not yet use Scion Sitemap Provider to automatically update the website navigation menu when new pages are added.

This is still using the web.sitemap as a source of navigational controls.

NET Master Pages and Site Navigation features within VS 2005 Web Application Projects.

Please make sure that you have already completed Tutorial 4: Data Binding against Objects before reviewing this one.I have been finding that when moving a site (SPWeb) to a different location in the site hierarchy of a site collection that the breadcrumb would often (not always) be incorrect once the site had been moved.If you didn’t know, Site Map Providers are cached in the Share Point object cache.This page will always display the most up to date release of Web Form Z We will maintain an archive of historical releases just in case they are needed.However it will almost always be appropriate to install the latest release of Web Form Z.A bit of history, I started it around 2003 using ASP. Honestly it is a pretty simple Web site, with mostly content, so very few controls, Sitemap, my own custom Menu control, and a couple more. NET 4.0 and it feels its about time to go back and update it a bit, both in look and features.