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WARNING: this story contains descriptions of sexual acts It happened when I was home alone. I didn’t think it was anything strange – I often get friend requests from old school friends who I don’t know well.

(Because we are using a first-name-only pseudonym for the woman in question, we have decided to use first names for everyone involved.) In one he wrote that he "had a hand job imagining you giving me a hand job" and in another he floated a proposal to have sex three times.A few months later, the printed the technically correct but highly misleading statement that Colin resigned “after allegations of sexual harassment,” and the world began to assume that the university had in fact charged him with sexual harassment, and that he had in fact sexually harassed a student.There are reports that Daniel shared his Skype ID on Facebook and Twitter in the hours before his death, inviting strangers to contact him for a chat.It's possible, therefore, that criminals are scooping up publicly posted Skype names of young men and attempting to blackmail them.For additional information about Skype, click here.

When I Skype with Colin Mc Ginn in September he is sitting on the floor in an empty room.According to a report in the Daily Mail, the blackmailers told Daniel he would be "better off dead" if he did not pay up.I've warned before about the dangers involved in looking for love online, but Daniel's death takes this to an all new level of horror.A typical scenario might be that a young woman befriends a potential victim via a social network, and enters into steamy webcam conversations with their intended prey.During the course of these conversations, the female might strip her clothes off and encourage their male victim to do the same.The recent tragic death of a UK teenager, who, as reported by au, took his own life after being blackmailed by online scammers over an intimate photo, has prompted WA Scam Net to issue a fresh warning about this type of scam.