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I spent the whole of the week before in the throes of a delightful dilemma – not over what to wear, but over which book to take.

"By what book ye bring, ye shall be judged" could be the motto of literary speed-dating.

Credit: Strand Bookstore Fred Bass, pictured here in the store in the 1970s, still works at the buying desk on weekdays, where he has worked since he was 13 years old in 1941. "I wanted to keep working and not go on a fishing trip for the rest of my life.

This is where the fun is for me; it's like a treasure hunt!

As the name suggests, it’s just like normal speed dating but with a twist: you can’t say a word to your partners.

Everyone here has paid £20 to find out if you really can forge a connection without words.

You are sitting on a train, and across the aisle someone is reading one of your favourite books.

This person (clearly of taste) happens to be a tall, handsome man.But, if you’re more into outdoors activities, there are running clubs like Run and Chug, where people meet, race and drink, or intramural teams, if you’d rather spend a Saturday in a middle school gym (hopefully that doesn’t bring back too many painful memories from childhood). On 9/11, he attempted to get onto his usual express train, but it was too crowded.Rob Herzog, founder of Zog Sports, met his wife playing coed softball before starting his own social sports league. He arrived at the World Trade Center five minutes after the plane crashed.I find it very stimulating." Work ethic runs in the family.Bass' father, Ben, started the Strand when he was just 25 years old, with 0 of his own savings and a 0 loan from a friend.When he noticed what he described as “a nicer New York,” he wanted to contribute more to that friendly vibe.