Sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache 2016

A SOA application is usually deployed in a server farm in a load-balanced environment.

The goal is to allow the application to handle as much load as you throw at it.

sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache 2016-75

Thanks The error was in MS SQL stored procedures dbo.

Asp Net_Sql Cache Register Table Stored Procedure and dbo.

I tested the rest of code by replacing sqldependency with a file dependency.

When I changed the file the callback function was invoked immediately, so my mistake is most probably in setting up the sqlcachedependency.

SOA allows users to distribute applications to multiple locations, multiple departments within an organization, and multiple businesses across the Internet.

Plus, it permits reuse of existing code within an organization and, more importantly, collaboration among different business units.

I have added the following code in the application_start event Date Time dt = Date Time.

Now; (); Cache Item Removed Callback product Refresh = new Cache Item Removed Callback(Refresh Products); Http Runtime. Insert("Products", products List, dep Products, dt, Cache. Not Removable, product Refresh); I reload data from the database in the callback function Refresh Products.

Some of these issues involve how you code your SOA application, but the most important bottlenecks often relate to how you store and access your data.

I’ll explore those issues and provide some solutions in this article.

First, using Mongo DB—a popular document-oriented database—I’ll create my own provider to facilitate output caching in a simple ASP. Then, using the same application, I’ll quickly swap out my custom provider to leverage features of Azure—specifically, the new Distributed Cache provider that leverages Azure infrastructure to provide a distributed, in-memory cache in the cloud.