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Rather than resorting to cheesy chat-up lines, the 25-year-old copywriter, who uses the pen name 'Joe Bagel', started sending 'name poems' - or acrostics - and found that his fortunes on the dating app have markedly improved.

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His greatest ambition was to serve his country as a successful civil servant, but he proved unable to make the necessary accommodations.His life, like the whole country, was devastated by the An Lushan Rebellion of 755, and his last 15 years were a time of almost constant unrest."In addition to feelings of bewilderment and abandonment" from being deserted by his parents, writes Mary A. Stewart in his biography however, he recounted punishments that went far beyond correction.O' Toole in the "Kipling had to suffer bullying by the woman of the house and her son." Kipling may have brought some of this treatment on himself—he was a formidably aggressive and pampered child. "I had never heard of Hell," he wrote, "so I was introduced to it in all its terrors....Dating in 2017 can be a tragedy and a comedy rolled into one. No, Rossetti is not an Instagram model or Snapchat star posting about her relationships.

Despite the fact that singles have easier access to a larger number of people than ever before, many of us still haven’t found that special someone. She is the 19th-century poet behind the Christmas carol “In the Bleak Midwinter” and the weirdly sexual fairy tale poem “Goblin Market.” And even though she was a devout Christian who died a virgin in 1894, to me, no poet more accurately describes the joys, frustrations and sorrows of searching for love in 2017. Lo and behold, it’s John — that generic bro you met at a bar.

Kipling and his sister were placed with the widow of an old Navy captain named Holloway at a boarding house called Lorne Lodge in Southsea, a suburb of Portsmouth.

Kipling and Trix spent the better part of the next six years in that place, which they came to call the "House of Desolation." The years from 1871 until 1877 became, for Kipling, years of misery.

You’re not that into John, and you’ve told him this — multiple times.

But he’s asking you to come see his best friend’s lame garage band again. You could send him Rossetti’s “No Thank You, John,” the sassiest spurning ever set to verse: “I never said I loved you, John: Why will you tease me day by day, And wax a weariness to think upon With always ‘do’ and ‘pray’? ” This stanza should do the trick: “I have no heart?

He has been called the "Poet-Historian" and the "Poet-Sage" by Chinese critics, while the range of his work has allowed him to be introduced to Western readers as "the Chinese Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Shakespeare, Milton, Burns, Wordsworth, Béranger, Hugo or Baudelaire".