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The worst part about this looming extinction is that readers are proven to be nicer and smarter than the average human, and maybe the only people worth falling in love with on this shallow hell on earth.

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After her 25-year marriage ended, Patricia Martin* was determined she wouldn’t spend her life alone.A mother of three who worked odd hours, she thought Internet dating would be a perfect fit.As Schmitz does in the film, Koch killed herself after being sentenced to life in prison for her crimes perpetrated in a concentration camp.Before her suicide, Koch had been reunited with her illegitimate son, who had only recently discovered his mother's identity and crimes. In the film, Schmitz is effectively reunited with Michael Berg, a former lover who is shocked to see her in the dock when he attends a war crimes trial.Consequently, education and preaching the Gospel were Mc Guffey's passions.

He had a remarkable ability to memorize and could commit to memory entire books of the Bible.

After she is sentenced, he sends her taped books to listen to in prison.

Prof Niven said: "We are told that Ilse's son wrote poems to her in prison and that Michael and Hanna were united by reading." He added: "What also struck me was that Ilse was accused of using a riding crop to strike prisoners and Hanna, in the book, strikes Michael with a belt.

Bernhard Schlink, the author of the 1995 novel adapted for the film, has refused to disclose whether there was any real-life basis to Schmitz.

Yet Prof Niven, of Nottingham Trent University, said that "no other known female camp guard comes close to matching up with Schmitz".

A newly designed heater system is capable of repeated heating cycles to 700°C.