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Do I have to establish a new connection using a "new generated" keycodes file?

Finally I've updated my Arc GIS Server instance (including Geo Event Extension and Enterprise Geo Database) to the new license successfully.

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Since the size of symbology on the map is carried over in the legend when a legend...3D data is becoming more ubiquitous nowadays and is especially promoted throughout the Arc GIS Platform.To avoid problems with my enterprise geodatabase: Are there any additional steps, which I have to perform (like inject the license key directly in my database)?!And what's about my Geo Database-Connection from my personal computer to the enterprise geodatabase?The type of DBMS you are using to store the geodatabase (ORACLE10G, ORACLE11G, SQLSERVER, DB2, DB2ZOS, INFORMIX, or POSTGRESQL) Note: There are differences between the setup for Oracle 10g and 11g; be sure to specify the correct one for your site.

Used for user-schema geodatabases in Oracle or to specify an sde-schema geodatabase in SQL Server only On Oracle, use the -i option to specify the Arc SDE service name or port number information for the master sde geodatabase followed by the name of the schema in which the user-schema geodatabase resides or will be created.As suggested by @ujjwalesri you may find it easier to use a Feature Service to edit the features directly, or investigating the use of Spatial Views if that is possible in your architecture.Pre-requisites If you are wishing to make these kind of direct updates to layers from the database side then you are really only using Arc SDE like a viewer interface to see the spatial data held in your database tables.It provides you with a complete GIS that runs behind your firewall, in your infrastructure, on-premises, and in the cloud and works with your enterprise systems and policies.Get Started with Arc GIS Enterprise—It's Easy Arc GIS Enterprise is a full-featured mapping and analytics platform that includes a powerful GIS server plus dedicated web-based GIS infrastructure to organize and share your work.My environment is the following: My current licenses will expire after the 29th of September (so in 1,5 hours) but I have already a new license-file for the next year.