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DP supports a wide range of plug-in and virtual instrument formats, which is great for flexibility and variety but sometimes not so good when it comes to trouble-free operation.

We explain how to take the pain out of plug-in management.

DP also natively supports Apple's Audio Units, which is, of course, the most widespread format for OS X and Logic.

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You can download many free plug-ins for Audacity from our website.Plug-ins always appear underneath the divider in the Effect menu.If you are using an unsupported DAW, or one that is not listed here, here are some general tips: 1. Audio Units (AU) are a system-level plug-in architecture provided by Core Audio in Apple's mac OS and i OS operating systems.For details see Add / Remove Effects, Generators and Analyzers.

Because Reaper is not one of our officially supported hosts, we do not guarantee we can get this working for you.

I have since deleted the above audio units and their components but its still keeps crashing.

I am unsure as to which update of Logic Pro 8 I am on as I cannot open Logic to check.

Titles which end in an ellipsis (...) will bring up a dialog asking you for more parameters.

All effects that have a dialog let you hear the audio as modified by the effect before you apply the effect to the waveform.

Just wondering if had any troubleshooting posts (or and idea) that might help solve this.