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No, the Recovery Menu exists on all revisions of the PS3 (Slim’s & Fat’s) so both can be jailbroken. Yes, you can install OFW over top of all Custom Firmware’s using the usual Update from USB method on the PS3 XMB.Please note however that you can not go to a lower firmware revision.If this is something you are looking to do then you will need to look into the PS3 Downgrade methods currently around. No, not at this time due to the Console ID spoofing methods used. Yes, as always they could change the keys at any time. Yes, unlike the old Geo Hot Jailbreak you do not need to run signed homebrew only Can I use any of the Backup Managers? Backup managers are intended to backup disks you own to the PS3 hard disk for safe keeping and ease of access.

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Play Station 3 console- Any model works, as all models have Memory Card readers and USB ports. On that storage media, you will need at least 150MB of free space.First off, download the firmware update to your Desktop or any place else that is easily accessible and make sure the full image downloads.If your PS3™ system software version is 4.81 (or later), you do not need to perform this update.Few days back, failoverflow demoed that they had successfully installed custom Firmware on PS3, and achieve piracy of all sorts. How to install Custom Firmware on PS3 for Pirated Games, Other OS/Linux Support [PS3 Slim, Fat] Download ps3 utilities and ps3 tools from github / team fail0verflow using these commands on your Linux PC: If you’re currently running 3.41 (or earlier) you can either remain there and create a specific CFW PUP for that version, or you can upgrade to a later PS3 firmware version, like 3.55 for example.In this guide we will teach you how to update the firmware of your Play Station 3 console using a flashdrive.

This is very useful if you cannot get Wi-Fi on your console or cannot get a wired connection.

Open the new PS3 folder and inside create a new folder called UPDATE (all capitals again). Turn on your Play Station 3 console and insert the storage media.

Move the downloaded firmware file into the UPDATE folder. From the Xross Media Bar, head over to Settings and finally to System Update.

Update using a disc Use an update file contained on a game disc to update the system.

Update using a computer This update method can be used if your PS4™ system is not connected to the Internet.

An update to the Play Station®4 system software was released on April 11, 2017.