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We have always liked TIVO for 10 plus years until we bought the Bolt and this is a disaster. After a month of not programming properly and TIVO not answering any questions about their problems they finally sent out an email saying the problem was fixed. I tried to do some troubleshooting myself, but it would not work.

Ti Vo provides an on-screen guide of scheduled broadcast programming television programs, whose features include "Season Pass" schedules which record every new episode of a series, and "Wish List" searches which allow the user to find and record shows that match their interests by title, actor, director, category, or keyword.Ti Vo also provides a range of features when the Ti Vo DVR is connected to a home network, including film and television show downloads, advanced search, personal photo viewing, music offerings, and online scheduling.Any suggestions or is it a matter pot luck and reboot until it works?HDMI Input stopped working a couple months after purchase. I would like to know if they are ever going to get this problem with recording one passes. So, this process will take about a week during which time, obviously, no TV service in the main room of the house.Si vous souhaitez continuer vers le site, nous supposerons que vous acceptez notre utilisation des cookies pour le bon fonctionnement de notre site et pour des publicités ciblées en fonction de vos intérêts.

Pour en savoir plus, veuillez cliquer sur « Préférences de cookies » ci-dessous afin de définir vos préférences de cookies.After exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 1999, Mike Ramsay announced to the company that the first version of the Ti Vo digital video recorder would ship "In Q1", (the last day of which is 31 March) despite an estimated four to five months of work remaining to complete the device.Because 31 March 1999 was a blue moon, the engineering staff code-named this first version of the Ti Vo DVR "Blue Moon".2) You can not link the V6 boxes together by network cable while you using Wi Fi to link to SH3.3) The V6 has a millisecond drop in vision & sound at times.Since its launch in the United States, Ti Vo has been made available in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Taiwan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.