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Thus, besides querying XML documents, you can modify them using the various insert/delete/modify/create methods available in the XQuery Update 1.0 standard.

' INSERT @t VALUES (@xml); Declare @value nvarchar(50) DECLARE @oldvalue nvarchar(50) SET @value = '40' SET @oldvalue = '30' Declare @update_count xml select @update_count = @xml.query('count(/Root/Identification/@Age[.=sql:variable("@oldvalue")])') Declare @number int select @number = convert(int, (convert(nvarchar(50), @update_count))) declare @Node int set @Node = 1 while @Node Hi EMAI, thanks for your answer.

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Here's a great tip: always name the variable that holds your XML document after its root node, it will prevent such confusion.

Chris Lovett Microsoft Corporation June 2003 (Revised March 2004) Applies to: Microsoft® . (11 printed pages) Introduction XML Reader and Writers Schema Tools XPath Navigators Aaron Skonnard's Custom Navigators and Readers Xslt Related Tools Xml Resolvers Summary Microsoft's® . This article summarizes a few of the most useful tools and shows how they can also be woven together to form an impressive array of options for constructing your XML processing solutions.

The extension makes the following operations possible using a simple syntax: insert, delete, replace, update value, and rename.

This extension was created well before the W3C working group created the XQuery Update Facility 1.0 recommendation, and it differs substantially from the recommendation.

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A common thing to want to do when managing XML data across multiple tiers in a distributed system is replication of changes to an XML document across those tiers. The Xml Diff and Xml Patch classes, which are available for download from Microsoft XML Diff and Patch 1.0, provide a generalization of this capability.

As I understand MS SQL Server Management Studio doesn't allow directly editing/replacing entries in XML columns via GUI (copy/paste doesn't work etc.).

What is the easiest option to replace a single entry in an XML column?

However, SELECT warehouse_name, EXTRACT(warehouse_spec, '/Warehouse/Docks') "Number of Docks" FROM warehouses WHERE warehouse_name = 'San Francisco'; WAREHOUSE_NAME Number of Docks -------------------- -------------------- San Francisco UPDATE warehouses SET warehouse_spec = UPDATEXML(warehouse_spec, '/Warehouse/Docks/text()',4) WHERE warehouse_name = 'San Francisco'; 1 row updated.

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But your answer isn't completely correct because it changes only first row but I need a query that changes all age attributes equal 30, therefor last row must changes too.