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Perhaps Rehnquist is not to blame for his cloudy definition.In American jurisprudence, bill of attainder cases are rare and those opinions and rulings that invoke the term do not make the concept clear. Missouri, 71 US 277 (1867), the Supreme Court struck a Missouri statute that required, among other persons, members of the clergy to swear a loyalty oath that they had not supported the government of the rebellion, lest they be forbidden from working.The Brady Act does not apply to unlicensed firearm sellers.

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Under these laws, the husband has absolute rights to physically discipline his wife.

Since by law, a husband is held liable for crimes committed by his wife, this law was designed to protect the husband from harm caused by the wife’s actions.

Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist: a bill of attainder is a precise legal term which had a meaning under English law at the time the United States Constitution was adopted.

Such actions were regarded as odious by the framers of the Constitution because they understood that the traditional role of a court was to judge an individual case, first to determine guilt and only thereafter to impose punishment.

The Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, has his wife burned alive when she is no longer of use to him.

3In Europe, squires and noblemen beat their wives as regularly as they beat their serfs; the peasants faithfully followed their lords’ example. Priests advise abused wives to win their husbands’ good will through increased devotion and obedience.

In addition, California authorizes courts to prohibit defendants from purchasing or possessing firearms in cases where the defendant is charged with, but not yet convicted of, a domestic violence misdemeanor.

Firearm Prohibitions for Persons Subject to Domestic Violence Restraining and Protective Orders A person subject to any one of the following types of court orders is prohibited from owning, possessing, purchasing, receiving, or attempting to purchase or receive a firearm or ammunition while the order is in effect: Relinquishment of Firearms by People Subject to Protective Orders Upon being served with a domestic violence protective order in California, the respondent must relinquish his or her firearm by surrendering it immediately upon request of any law enforcement officer, or within 24 hours if no request is made.

Administrator of General Services, 433 US 425 (1977) infra; (3) a punishment well-established in American jurisprudence to including the loss of life, liberty, property, and or freedom to work; and (4) the lack of a judicial trial.

The latter two criteria would seem easily noted, but legal analysis must consider questions of when and if the punishment is imposed (prior to or post the trial or hearing), or if there is a meaningful trial and whether such trial does not or does offend so-called notions of due process.

A person subject to a protective order related to stalking must relinquish his or her firearms to the local law enforcement agency for that jurisdiction, or sell those firearms to a licensed gun dealer within a time period specified in the order..