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If the number of items exceeds what can be displayed in the list box, scroll bars automatically appear on the control.

The user can then scroll up and down, or left to right through the list. Figure 7.33 Single-column list box Visual Basic includes both standard and data-bound versions of the list box control.

This class is an IValue Converter implementation that handles a common custom-control scenario where you use Boolean values from your control logic class to set the Visibility value in XAML control templates. Globalization Partial Public Class Page Inherits User Control Public My Music As New Observable Collection(Of Recording)() Public Sub New() Initialize Component() ' Add items to the collection. Add(New Recording("Sheryl Crow", "Detours", New Date Time(2008, 2, 5))) My Music.

In the Windows Runtime, the language parameters for IValue Converter methods use strings, as opposed to using Culture Info objects as they do in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft Silverlight definitions of the interface. Add(New Recording("Brandi Carlisle", "The Story", New Date Time(2007, 4, 3))) My Music.

Immediately after the row was added, its handle is equal to Base View. Related topics: I thought of doing this Count way, but didnt know that it was standard. Still, now I worked around by having own custom hidden field in the row.

A list box control displays a list of items from which the user can select one or more.

You can create a class that allows you to convert the format of your data between the source and the target by inheriting from IValue Converter.

For example, you might want to have a list of colors that you store as RGBA values, but display them with color names in the UI.The Click event procedure for this button should make use of the list-box selection, carrying out whatever action is appropriate for your application.XML is a cross-platform, hardware and software independent, text based markup language, which enables you to store data in a structured format by using meaningful tags.This process of checking the structure of the XML document is called validating.The software performing the task of validating is called a validating parser.By implementing Convert and Convert Back, you can change the format of the data values as they are passed between the target and source by the binding engine.