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The experts Jon Howard works for the Campaign for Real Ale.

@melissacole Magic Rock High £2.40 (5.5% ABV)"High Wire has an explosion of fruit flavours," explains Jon."A crisp, golden pint, and a remarkable creation from a brewery that started up only last year."Badger Golden, £26 for 8 bottles (5% ABV)"A perennial favourite from the West Country," says Pete.It isn't all about museums though: everything from comedy nights to West End shows can be enjoyed without spending a penny. Bonfire night is set to go off with a bang this year as 26 major displays light up London.London is often berated for being outlandishly expensive, and sometimes with fair reason: there are cocktails here that cost the same as a small house in other parts of the country.

Family attractions are little better: a ticket for four can come in at well over £100 to some of the city's most famous tourist traps.

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I must admit, the intro of this book does seem a little cultish but I believe the Rosicrucians are onto something here to suggest the Lemurian Continent was very physical and very real. According to North American Rosicrucian adepts this occurred because of a pole shift.

@zythophiliac Pete Brown is the author of Shakespeare's Local, out in November.

@Pete Brown Beer Melissa Cole is the author of Let Me Tell You About Beer, the perfect beginner's guide to the world of great brews.

The full list of displays can be found here, but free fun can be found at the six events listed below.