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What can i say i just love humiliating male objects and making them entertain me like they should be, i decided to put everything down on this page and let other useless losers see exactly what kind of things happen in a live cam session or in real life. If you want to have a live humiliation show then click the chats below, otherwise read on and scroll through this page to learn about the fun i have with slaves and subs as well as our sissy punishment which we ensure each slave understands his position by the time we are finished with them.

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" I looked at my wife, narrowing my eyes, a sure sign I was angry, as if my tone left any question that my swearing did not. " "Do you need to swear at me, Michael," my wife snapped back, eyes narrowing more than mine. I went from having the high ground, to losing it, in that span of two seconds. "Okay," I softened, "okay." "And Michael, I know what you're thinking, but please, behave, okay? You don't want Susan to know what a disgusting pervert you are? You don't want to explain to Susan what you did to my lingerie?

"Michael," Susan softened, finally unfolding her arms, coming up to me, putting them around me, "please." I could smell her perfume. "You treated me, me, your wife's mother, like a sex object. And if my mother is in town she is going to stay here as our guest." "Susan, she's so mean to me." I sounded like a third grader, I realized, but I was an adult, I should not have to deal with something like that in my own home. You need to learn why women dress, you're going to feel that pretty feeling yourself, Michael, and maybe you won't be so quick to act like such a disgusting worm." I stood there. "Put them on," she ordered, "or I pick up the phone and call Susan." I had no choice. This may include the need for them to degrade you or make you suffer some sort of pain, your goal is to ensure this is carried out and that you respect your Owner at all times and willingly comply with their wishes.No matter what they demand of you, your duty is to ensure you do it! She would not sleep in our bedroom that night until I realized the error of my ways. Honestly, Michael, sometimes I wonder about you." "Susan, I..." I wasn't sure exactly what to say. It wasn't so much any more than her mother really did not like me. I made every effort to be a good son-in- law, a good husband. I allowed my eyes to drift sideways, I could still see them! "Pretty, even." She went back to the bed, picked up the garter belt, and fastened it around my waist.

Nothing worse than a fake apology, I found out once. I glanced up at my mother-in- law and still the bra cups were in my line of vision. Whether you are a man, woman, transgender or swinger couple, Adult Friend Finder member cams can connect you with partners eager to share your fantasies.Join the fun with thousands of members online right now!Sploshed and forced into a chastity device, pictures taken and exposed just what Sam Needed, he was caught wanking and looking at porn on his phone and Miss found out about it.This is what happens when subs disobey and violate the rules.There's nothing sexier than a hot and horny male slave wanting to be dominated on cam and told what to do.