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The Department of Justice made the announcement today after U. “The Task Force will continue our efforts to improve the integrity of the marketplace and bring to justice those executives who violate the law.”“This is an important victory in the fight against corporate fraud. Johnson tried to manipulate the system for his own gain at the expense of the investing public, and now will be appropriately punished,” said U. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Chuck Rosenberg. The investigation was conducted under the auspices of President Bush’s Corporate Fraud Task Force, created in July 2002 to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption at U.

Johnson, Jr., the former CEO and Chairman of Purchase Inc., a now-defunct, publicly traded company that was headquartered in Las Vegas, was found guilty today of conspiring to commit securities fraud, securities fraud, witness tampering and obstructing an official proceeding, announced the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kelley released his verdict in Johnson’s bench trial which was completed in December 2007. Filip, chairman of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force. Belevetz and Criminal Division Attorney Adam Reeves prosecuted Johnson in the original case.

If you have a rewritten contract where the dealer backdated the second contract to the date of the first contract, then give us a call at 213-282-2000 or fill out our FREE Case Evaluation Form and one of our CA Dealer Fraud Attorneys will review your case to discuss what legal options are available to you.

Quite often a will be in conjunction with a spot delivery or Yo-Yo financing scam where the dealership led you to believe that your deal was finalized, only to call you back at a later date to change the structure of your agreement.

A dealership might choose to backdate a contract for convenience, or because the lender’s acceptance of the deal was based on the original sale date, but more often than not it is because the dealer has found a way to make more money and needs to rewrite the contract so that they can pocket the extra profit.

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Rewritten contract or backdating fraud happens when a dealership has you sign a new contract for the purchase or lease of a vehicle, and then backdates the newer contract to the date of the first contract.

Law360, New York (May 16, 2008, AM EDT) -- The former CEO of Purchase Inc.

has been found guilty of securities fraud and obstruction of justice for his role in an alleged scheme to inflate revenues at the now-defunct Las Vegas Internet software company. Johnson Jr., 47, of Las Vegas could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for allegedly duping investors about the company's revenues from the first quarter of 2001, including revenue generated for America Online Inc. Jim Clark, Netscape Jim Clark isn't technically the father of the Internet, but plenty of people regarded him as such during the dot-com boom.He was the founder of several companies, most notably Netscape Communications (AOL), which kick-started the Internet craze with its 1995 IPO.You can search “” here at and read the entire time line of exploitation that shows buyers in this community were intentionally misled by the builder of their homes who intentionally withheld critical documents (“), despite protections set out in the withheld Subdivision Agreement that required there to be certain services (mail) and features (privacy fence), neither of which were completed for over a year of being manipulated into moving into a full fledge construction site.For some inexplicable reason the municipal government (““! He faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison when he is sentenced.“Corporate officials will be held accountable when they deceive unsuspecting investors, as today’s verdict proves,” said Deputy Attorney General Mark R.