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On this show Emily welcomes guest blogger, fashion designer and host of the Fempire Podcast, Jac Vanek!

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She's extremely cynical and angry (which I'll demonstrate later with my quotes! The best part is, I can totally top this picture later. You know, no big deal, they’re just this ridiculous band about a Disco. Right now I just want to gush about how much she loves photography and music. he told me he was thankful i was the first person that was ever nice to him in california. YAY QUOTES) and has basically driven all of her friends away at one point or another due to her determination to succeed. Brendon Urie, apparently, sees Audrey and thinks she’s pretty. Anyways, so this is the year she took a bunch of pictures of various bands, including Fall Out Boy. hes a nice boy and i miss when he didn't have so much shit to do. Or, okay, if you’ve spent any time at all on my journal, you probably know her for being BFF with Jac Vanek for a little while. MORE ON HER LATER.)Audrey was born on July 26, 1985. And has a contract which basically states that she HAS to keep her hair pink for the next few years. She’s managed to change it a little over the years, at least. I'm so freaking tired and I'm gonna pass out in two seconds..I promise in the morning. It's funny how 48 hours ago I was having breakdowns every hour. Pete & Patrick came and picked me up cause their studio is by Rami's place. But whatever, everything happens for a reason, right? IN THE ABOVE PICTURE SHE WAS AN AGE THAT I PREFER NOT TO THINK ABOUT.)She looks like this now! Which honestly has to be a little frustrating, having to keep it pink. Cause really, no one wants to hear me talk Asdfhghgkjlj; A funny thing, the mind is. It's funny how one simple conversation with my best friend changed everything. Hell, I'm not gonna complain(This girl is seriously intelligent, you guys, I have no idea why anyone assumes otherwise.)Ghetto Jactastic! I just had a bit of sugar, I'm sorry.)Pete and Patrick randomly love her! I want to play dress-up with Jac so much, you guys, like..hurts my soul to realize I'll never be able to. You're living in a fantasy world where you can forget about regular life and all of its worries for the time being. So, I don’t know if Jac and Ryan kept in touch at all since his stalker days, but I do know that Jac went to the 2005 Halloween show and met Ryan there. Everyone talks about how Audrey is a shitty person. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's the easy joke, but I HAD TO.)OH HI, THIS IS A PICTURE FROM JAC’S JUNIOR PROM. go ahead and give me reasons why they arent but i really wont listen because music is the one thing that wont let you down and i rely on that so much Jac pretty much loves all the music a bandslasher loves! She also mentions taking a photography class at around the same time! Tried to order food from Pink Dot but their 4980936 computers wouldn't work. Also, Jac is responsible for us having this: Which was sent to her Sidekick and then posted in her LJ.

And I’m not going to pretend that Audrey is a nice girl. Her friendships fall to pieces at the drop of a hat. So, okay, it’s around October 2005, she and a friend go to see some band on tour. It’s cool, you guys, we’re all going to hell together. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO KEEP MY LOVE FOR THIS GIRL QUIET, YOU GUYS. Pete tried to take artistic pictures of Patrick watching Prince DVDs. Pete made me watch Licence to Drive & a bunch of other pointless movies.

The country songstress shared the sweet story behind her engagement on her Instagram. #HECALLEDDIBS." Photo: Instagram/@kelseaballerini Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly It was a no brainer for Kacey when Ruston asked her to be his wife. Last night, the best man I've ever met got down on one knee in my little pink childhood home...

I have over 2000 pictures of these three girls saved to my computer, so this was basically a HUGE FREAKING PROJECT. Oh god, wait until you see what her hair used to look like. That comes later.)At this point, she was apparently working for as a band photographer. With home made movies of his and Patricks hahahahaa.

But I still love her, because I truly believe that she can be awesome. (Yeah, it’s nice to see Brendon has EYES.) Audrey and Brendon end up talking online, and eventually start dating. please just try taking ap calculus, ap physics, ap language and composition, and sign language 4 your junior year and then come and talk to me about your hard schedule is(I totally went back and read every single livejournal entry Jac has ever made, so expect quotes.)Jac loves photography! fob is huge and i never noticed it haha)HAHAHAHAHA OH JOE. Anyway, so back to Jac and how she’s incredibly, amazingly hot. (Note that Jac did not bother to respond to this comment! i really need it up for a number of different reasons, so it's kind of frustrating.ex_i_amcland189 2004-08-30 pm yea seriously, i know what you mean.

, revealed that she is engaged to entrepreneur Zach Martin Monday. "This hurts me so much because this is the part of being engaged that I don't want, so this is painful for me." Knight thought Tobin was "joking" when she broke the news before they taped the podcast—and she wasn't the only one taken aback.

When asked what it was like to date Tobin, Martin adorably responded, “It’s really good.” Congratulations to the happy couple!